Sunday, 15 April 2012


For this month's hair carnival I was given the task of copying a style from the fabulous natural hair blog une autre naturelle written by natural hair mummy Daphané. I didn't know about this blog before I got paired up for this hair carnival but it has become one of my favs and I especially love her facebook page because you can guarantee that you'll get daily natural hair inspirations which I love.
When I first clicked on the blog I was greeted with Ghana plaits and a how to video. I knew this was going to be the style I was going to copy because I have wanted to do these for months and her video made it look so simple and they looked so gorgeous on lil' naturelle.
I was so excited to try it, I did it there and then on gg's dry hair but the end result was not anywhere near as good as lil' naturelles. I thought it was probably because I did it on dry hair and not on wet hair like Daphané did, so I tried again a few days later on gg's hair when wet.

On freshly washed hair :
  • I parted a small section
  • applied moisturiser
  • combed moisturiser through hair
  • cut my thread double the length of gg's hair
  • made a knot at the end of the thread
  • held the knot at the base of the hair together and with my free hand I twisted the hair around the base to anchor the knot in place
  • then I started to wrap the thread around the length of her hair until I reached the end, where I secured it.
They looked really good up until gg's hair started to dry and shrink up and then started to curl. I kept re-doing the same sections over and over twisting the thread tighter and closer together but within a few minutes I was left with the same outcome, and after alot of thinking I worked out the reason was because gg's hair isn't as thick as lil' naturelles so I used 3 big sections instead and the outcome was much better.

But the next morning after sleeping with her satin cap her hair was all over the place and the thread was loose so I had to take them out. gg's hair was stretched at the roots and then had small kinks throughout, the same as you do with a 2 or 3 strand twist out which was nice but I couldn't leave it out because her hair was frizzy and all over the place so I went back on une autre naturelle and looked for more inspiration on a quick style I could do on gg before we went out. I thought I'd go with her banding style as Daphané says she doesn't use banding just for stretching but also as a going out style.
I banded gg's hair in 2 pigtails tying metal-free hairbands all the way down the length of her hair. I chose to do only 2 pigtails because gg's hair is not thick enough to have more then two sections banded without the bands falling off.

gg loved her banded pigtails because her hair was down to her shoulders (",)

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  1. Wonderful Job I have never tried this before hmmm maybe I should!

  2. gg is so cute! I've done ghana plaits a few times on JJ's hair, but her hair is a different texture than gg's, so the plaits stayed in well. Sounds like banding is a great option for stretching gg's hair and it looks cute too! looks like beautiful photos behind her...!

  3. wow, they came nice. i have never tried these before. Cute!

  4. GG's hair is cute like this and I bet she loved seeing how long it was when banded.

  5. Hey, I don't think my comment went through :/ But I was just saying that ghana plaits always did look a little challenging to me but I have always wanted to try them. And I always band my daughter's hair in 2 ponytails as well because of the (lack of) thickness of her hair. And that I love how GG's bands showcase her length :)

  6. Boys and Girls naturals curls Thank you and I'd love yo see how ou get on if ou do try them out

    Precious Thankn you

    Char Thank you

    Mama M Thank you JJ must of looked gorgeous with her Ghana plaits going to search your blog for pics hope ou have some pics up, if not next time you do I'd love to see pics

    Braid with me Thank you

    Diary of a hair princess Thank you

    Michelle Thank you and gg loved it she was swishing her head back and forth loving the feeling of her hair brushing against her shoulders

    Melly Yaya thank you

    Tav they sure were a challenge I felt like giving up so many times and had to come up with another wa to make it wrk (",)

  7. Awesome, Ive never tried this style, it is something on the to do list! I'll be checking out her video too, thanks!

  8. So cute!!! I love them both! The red really pops too. Adorable!