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As I said in my post on Monday I was going to be doing a giveaway,and what better way to do it than join in this months Crafting Carnival hosted by Brooke from the fabulous blog UntrainedHair mom. This month a few bloggers have all linked up to post about their crafting talents which you can read about if you press the links at the bottom, but don't leave just yet, keep reading here to learn about my talents and what kinds of unique prize you can hope to receive.
If you have been following me here on my blog or on facebook you will know that I am the designer and owner of Greek Ghana Cards or ggcards, a greeting card company specialising in mixed race greeting cards aswell as greeting cards for many different cultures and nationalities in a style I have developed which I call half real life half cartoon (",) Each card you recieve is printed on fuji photo paper and stuck on with acid free Letra Tac adhesive dots onto 13.5x13.5cm white 300gsm card with  a 14x14cm envelope all sealed in a 15x15cm clear cello bag. All cards are left blank inside for your own personal message. Here are a few of our cards that are avaliable at

Inspired by the famous nursery rhyme 'Little Miss Muffet'. A young mixed race Miss Muffet is eating her rice and peas but isn't frightened by the spider who came and sat down beside her because her food was too tasty to leave. This card is a picture of a nursery rhyme book and looks at first glance like the original Miss Muffet rhyme but changes towards the end making it more relevent to different cultures. Here's the new rhyme:
"Little Miss Muffet 
Sat on her tuffet
Eating her rice and peas
When down came a spider
Who sat down beside her
But the food was too tasty to leave"
A great card for rice and peas and Miss Muffet lovers and for when you just want to put a smile on someone's face.

Inspired by the award winning film 'Oliver Twist', this card takes the iconic scene of Oliver asking for more food but in a twist the child is actually asking for more birthday cake. The card has been given an old movie effect. A great card for Oliver Twist and cake lovers.

Inspired by the much loved kid's cartoon character 'Paddington Bear', a child is in bed ill wearing Paddington's iconic blue coat and black hat with a message on his famous suitcase saying 'not well'. A great card for Paddington lovers.

3 African girls play the drum and dance together under a traditional acaica tree wearing traditional African clothing.

A young girl wearing a traditional Greek chiton has been searching in her 'Friends A-Z' from 800 bc until now for her true friend, as a true friend is very hard to find. This is a great card for that one in a million friend.

Inspired by the world famous film 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'. A young girl has bought so many things and is left confused on what to buy for her last purchase, diamonds or pearls? A great card for those who love to shop or those who love both diamonds and pearls and can not decide which they prefer.

Inspired by one of Twiggy's most iconic photos, a young girl is ill with a thermometer in her mouth and replicating Twiggy's long lashes and short hair. This card is a great pick me up for a fashionista that isn't feeling too well.

Inspired by the '1968 Olympics Black Power Salute' performed by African American athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos. 3 girls celebrate amongst streamers, balloons and confetti. The 2 bottom girls are wearing a glove on each hand celebrating and the third has both hands in the air jumping for joy. The girls are shoeless wearing only socks as did the athletes to represent Black poverty, the girl on the left has a scarf around her neck like Tommie Smith who wore his to represent pride and the girl on the right has her coat unzipped as did John Carlos to show solidarity. This is a great card for anyone that has achieved something great and you want to show them how proud you are of them.

A young boy is proudly holding up a picture he has made for his Daddy with his own wording saying 'TO BEST DADDY EVA'. A great card for Father's Day or for any time you want to tell your Father how much he means to you.

A Greek girl wearing a traditional ancient Greek chiton and headress with a gold Greek key pattern border.

An Indian girl wearing a traditional Indian sari and twirling around a pink ribbon saying 'TO AN INDIAN PRINCESS' with a rangoli patterned background.

ggcards has been a big hit worldwide and I thought it was time to expand and make it even more personal to my customers by giving them the option to have their greeting cards personalised to their recipient. This means they would send me a picture of the persons or person they would want in the greeting card and I would use my talents and turn the picture into a Dimitra 'half real life half cartoon' creation.
If you want a specific pose then the person/persons have to already be in the pose but I can add most props, accessories, objects etc... to the picture.
Here's an example of a before picture of gg and then an after picture of gg, after I have worked my magic and turned them into 'half real life half cartoon' master pieces (",)

From the pictures above you can see how the coat has had it's colour changed, I have added gg's Paddington suitcase into the pic, I have added a not well note to it and I have changed the bedding to look more cartoon like. This is only a small example of what I can do, there is so much more.

So now let's talk 'GIVEAWAY!' I have decided that one lucky winner will win a custom designed photo in the style 'half real life half cartoon'. They will recieve a set of photos one 5x7 and two 6x4s of their chosen person and design (all the pictures will have the same picture on them). The winner will need to email me a photo of the person (only one person must be in the picture) they would like me to design in half real life half cartoon style.
I can not change the position of the person in the picture so you will have to have them pose in the position you would like to see them in the final picture. Their clothes can not be changed but the colour of the garments can be, and accessories can be added. I will liase with the winner throughout the designing process to create the best possible piece of art for them. The giveaway rules, terms and conditions are listed below, and the best part is................ This giveaway is open to EVERYONE WORLDWIDE (",) So what are you waiting for? Start entering (",)

If you can not wait to see if you win and you really want an original half real life half cartoon work of art of your chosen person or persons contact me via email

Don't forget to checkout the other bloggers and their crafts by cliclking on the links below (",)



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