Monday, 12 March 2012


I know I haven't posted for ages but I've had good reason... 'We are MARRIED' woo hoo! (",) Now married life doesn't feel different but our conversations do. There's a lot of  'Husband!' or 'Wife!' in most of our conversations to each other which feels a bit funny saying as it makes us feel old like our parents, but we love it and always laugh whenever we refer to each other as Husband or Wife lol. I'm even smiling as I write this hehe... Now I bet my 'Husband!' hehe... when he reads this, (I always get him to read through my posts to check the grammar and spelling before I publish, because my first language was Greek not English up until I was 3, well that's what I tell him because I want him to read them lol ooppps cover blown) he too will have a smile on his face ♥
I have still kept record of everything Greek Ghana whilst we were planning our wedding, getting married and enjoying married life together, so in the up coming weeks there will be posts on:
  • hair, especially mine and gg's hair when we had our wedding hair trials a few times and how they turned out on the day. You'll have to wait until the photographer sends us our pics but the run up to the final style is a funny one, so watch this space
  • fun tasty recipes and again when I get my pics you will see my wedding cake I made and I promise that you will be impressed because since people have seen it I have been getting orders and ggcakes has now been born (",)
  • fun crafts and activities to do with your kids
  • our regular Saturday school which I have neglected to post but have kept doing with gg
  • our new challenge 'Language Challenge 180', which is a 180 day/6 month challenge to help yourself/child/family learn a language
  • gg is a member of 'The Children's Traffic Club', so we will be sharing fun ways to teach your child/children to be safe, alert and aware when traffic is concerned (award winning road safety programme)
  • plus much more as and when I get inspired (",)
Aaaaannnddd..... make sure you check-in on Thursday where there may be a giveaway (one you will not want to miss because it will be tailor made just for the winner) or so I've heard (",)


  1. Welcome back!! And congratulations on your wedding! I am looking forward to hearing and seeing more about it.... especially the hair. And cake!!! Mmmmmmm.